• D Nathan Cieszynski

2016 Walk through the open door.

Today is the first day of the New Year. Who are you today? How are you different today from the person you were New Year’s Day 2015? What surprised you most about 2015?

I am not a believer is setting New Year’s resolutions. Not that I believe setting goals is not important, in fact I am a strong advocate for goal setting. Personal, professional as well spiritual goals are important steps in this processes we call life and critical for growth.

Instead of setting resolutions, I believe in a day of reflection, looking back at the changes and growth in my life over the last year, over the last few years, and setting my intentions for the year to come. Intentions are different from resolutions in that I am creating the energy and direction for the year to come but not defining the path, nor dictating the outcome. For me it is about inviting the focus of my higher self and my physical self to communicate and decide what kind of year I wish to have.

I did not enter 2015 with the goal or desire to be a minister, I did not plan this road nor could I have ever expected my intentions for the year to lead me in this direction. My intentions for 2015 were simple. I simply intended to expand my spiritual awareness and understanding, I intended to live differently than I had been living. I chose to be happy. I chose to be open to change and walk through the doors that opportunity may open for me. At the end of 2014, I realized that all the open doors meant nothing if I did not have the courage to walk through them.

One year later, I find myself working towards my ministerial license, and an intern minister for a spiritual center, the owner of a website dedicated to providing support and spiritual guidance to any who find their way to its pages. 2015 brought about the publication of my book after twenty years of planning, talking but never any concrete action. Listening to my higher self, following the guidance and listening I was open to opportunities that I would never have dreamed possible one year ago.

On a professional level I have been able to focus on the positive nature of the people I work with, rather than seeing their flaws and focusing on how they treated me. This shift in my focus changed my work environment. Where once I was fearful of losing my job because of personality conflicts, I found that my role was strengthen and partnerships were formed. Was it me that changed, or was it them? I honestly cannot say, what I do know is that when my focus changed, the situation changed and now I looked forward to going to work, I remembered the reason I work where I work and found growth from the same people I felt had been holding me back.

I invite you to set your intentions. Decide where you want to focus your time and energy. This is not the time to decide which path you will walk or what outcomes you expect, rather it is the time for you to determine as you enter into 2016 what energy you want to bring into your life. Choose to walk through doors that open before you, knowing that you are guided every step of the way. Choose to listen to the guidance you receive when you ask a question. It does not matter where the answer comes from, for the universe will provide the answers you seek in the manner you will best understand them. Choose to see the best in people and focus on the positive. Choose to express and accept love, in all its forms and facets. Choose love, choose courage, and choose happiness. Choose to embrace your higher self and get to know who you really are.

I leave you with the following prayer or affirmation. May these words ignite the divine spark within and allow you set your intentions and create the year you desire. Remember you create your life regardless of where your focus is, it is up to you where your focus leads.

“I set my intentions for the year and days to come. I am a divine being. I open my eyes so that I may see, my ears so that I may hear and my mind so I may understand. I am open to change, I have the courage to listen and walk through doors that opened before me. I invite love into my life and express love to the world around me. I choose to focus on peace, gratitude and forgiveness and be open for the possibilities of spiritual, personal and professional growth. I focus on courage. I am special and intend to live my life as beacon of hope and peace. I am alive. I am an active participant in my life. I choose to be happy. I choose to be love. For 2016 I choose to be open to life.”

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