D Nathan Cieszynski 1987

Colegio La Salle, Antigua Guatemala 1987

Meditating Nathan

age 4 or 5 and already meditating.

Showing Pride

San Diego Gay Pride Parade 2012

Nathan and Gary 2014

Wedding day 2014

Nathan and George

Signing my book for my brother in Ohio.

Brother and new Sister-in-Law

Sharing a moment as the best man for my brother as her married my sister-in-law and at the time future mother of my God Daughter.

D Nathan Cieszynski

Dressed and ready to stand with my Brother as his best man.

me and George

Standing with my brother George Hernandez - MBA Ohio State 2018

The Creative Team

Cover Creator and Editor celebrating the official launch of Crossing the Rubicon

Rev. D Nathan Cieszynski

Sunday service @ Common Ground Corona

Gary and Nathan

Base Ball Game. Angels vs Dodgers

Day Job - Financial Education

First Time Home Buyers Education Course

Licensing Ceremony

D Nathan Cieszynski with his husband and he prepares to accept the role of Licensed Interfaith Minister. 2018

Licensing Ceremony

Rev. Danell Wheeler, Rev. Glenda Knox and Rev. Judy DePret of Common Ground -

Nathan and Gary Licensing Ceremony

My husband was tasked with placing the symbol of my ministry upon my shoulders.

Officially Licensed

D Nathan Cieszynski pledging to serve with love, compassion and gratitude.

Licensing Ceremony

Rev. Danell Wheeler - personal and moving reading.

Rev. Nathan

First Official talk as a licensed Minister. October 2018

If you enlarge the photo you will know why I took it

If you enlarge the photo you will know why I took it