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Welcome to Nathan's Light.


Regardless of what you have been told, you do not need anyone’s permission to follow a spiritual path. Though the doors may have been closed by friends, family and in some cases society – your connection to the Divine is personal and needs no validation from anyone.

There are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people on this planet – each of us is on a personal journey of understanding and awareness, each unique in the lessons and challenges we must face.

Love, Acceptance, Compassion, forgiveness, and Gratitude are tools to understanding who you are, who you are capable of being. Teachers learn as much as they teach, students teach as much as they learn.


Take what you hear, what you read and what you observe, and make it your own. Dig deep to understand what something means to you, rather than blindly accepting what others interpreted it to mean.

The Divine speaks through us all if we will only take the time to listen.